Bag A Donuts Presents: Championship Saturday

After a tumultuous few weeks, the College Football Playoff comes down to today. Some things are simple for teams like Clemson, Oklahoma, Miami, Georgia, and Auburn, WIN AND YOU'RE IN. For teams like Wisconsin and Alabama it gets more complicated. Wisconsin could theoretically beat Ohio State (unlikely) and still be left out of the Playoff as an undefeated, Power 5 Conference Champ. Alabama sits at home tonight and watches to see how they can be squeezed into the playoff. The argument for Bama should be easy if Ohio State does what most expect them to do and smashes Wisconsin, but it gets really hazy if Auburn loses to Georgia and Wisconsin wins. Also, if Oklahoma loses my head is going to explode. Are you confused yet? Let's get to the picks:

Oklahoma vs TCU 11:30 AM @ AT&T Stadium

@BiggSmott: Baker moves himself into the first round of the NFL draft (if he wasn't already) with a huge W in Arlington

@Denn_There_Was2: Oklahoma

@thereal_breed: Oklahoma

@Thomas_Hook: Oklahoma in a blowout

@JoeTomasik: South Dakota Sea-Horns

Pinto: Oklahoma

Auburn vs Georgia 3:00 PM @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium

@BiggSmott: Georgia pounds the Chubb

@Denn_There_Was2: Auburn

@thereal_breed: Georgia

@Thomas_Hook: Auburn in OT

@JoeTomasik: Pennsylvania Push Pops

Pinto: Auburn

Clemson vs Miami 7:00 PM @ Bank of America Stadium

@BiggSmott: Clemson wears the turnover chain

@Denn_There_Was2: Clemson

@thereal_breed: Clemson

@Thomas_Hook: Clemson big

@JoeTomasik: Tallahassee Tater Tots

Pinto: Clemson

Ohio State vs Wisconsin 7:00 PM Lucas Oil Stadium

@BiggSmott: JT plays and avoids the cameraman

@Denn_There_Was2: Ohio State

@thereal_breed: Wisconsin

@Thomas_Hook: Ohio State big

@JoeTomasik: Connecticut Crum Balls

Pinto: Ohio State

Our Picks for the College Football Playoff:

@BiggSmott: Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama

@Denn_There_Was2: Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn, Alabama

@thereal_breed: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Wisconsin

@Thomas_Hook: Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma, Alabama

@JoeTomasik: Connecticut Crum Balls, Pennsylvania Push Pops, Tallahassee Tater Tots, South Dakota Sea-Horns

Pinto: Oklahoma, Auburn, Clemson, Alabama