COD WW2 Review

Preface: I wrote this blog about a month ago on night 1. See update at bottom.

This is a review about online ONLY. I must preface this blog by saying that, because I haven’t touched the campaign yet.

Let's start by saying this, fuck the Grease Gun. The gun most of us start out with using, S-U-C-K-S. I mean like it sucks more than a film director in a Hollywood bathroom. I lost hope in this game 3 minutes in while going 0-4 with this damn gun.

Next off, we pick up an STG-44, and start raking. This is my new favorite gun. The first day is always so interesting because no one has good guns yet. The time I laid my eyes upon the MP-40 is the time I busted my biggest load. Thinking back to the WoW days, I would WRECK kids with this metal object. Not only that, I think I caused a few divorces with this gun alone. I quickly realized, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The MP-40 wasn’t quite what it used to be. I was being sawed in half by the “PPSH”. Fuck that. This left me with one option…

To become a SNIPER. Yes, I am that dude. And let me tell you, I AM THAT FUCKING DUDE. This shit is a muthafucking lifestyle. I snipe the fuck out of kids, like foreal. After 8 hours, I have 1 camo left...I am pretty nice with the M1903.

Update: I am about a month into this game, just prestiged last night and have a gold M1903. Prestiging the Kar98k was a great decision. I am strictly a sniper, and back out of most games if not on certain maps. One thing has changed a lot, my love for this game. Activision did an amazing job on WW2, and I could not be happier. They fixed Headquarters and is now pretty interactive. Sniping is the way to go, so much adrenaline, so much emotion.

If you havent gone out and got this game yet, do This game flaunts stellar guns, graphics, and grenades (Bettys are back). Pick up a sniper and try to get on my level.

Twitch coming soon.