Tyler, The Creator Announces New Album

The Odd Future front man took to social media today to announce his new album, Scum Fuck/Flower Boy, will drop July 21st. This will serve as his 4th studio album and follow up to the 2015 release, Cherry Bomb, which featured hit songs "Fucking Young/Perfect" and "Smuckers" (featuring Kanye West & Lil Wayne). 

This announcement comes just a week after Tyler's mysterious countdown ended with two new singles, "Who Dat Boy" (featuring A$AP Rocky) and "911/Mr. Lonely" (featuring Frank Ocean). This follows a very similar album release process as Cherry Bomb, with two singles released out of nowhere then an album within a week later. He posted two possible covers for the LP, but the above photo is the official cover according to the iTunes pre-order link. 

Peep the track list (below) which is featureless, but be ready for some big guest appearances on this one. 

Hopefully Tyler is able to blend his many sounds into an album you can listen to smoothly unlike Cherry Bomb, but then again, can you truly listen to a full-length Tyler, The Creator project without wanting to start a riot?

Side note: Tyler's Instagram got "hacked" last night. What perfect timing, right? 

Here's a couple of Tyler songs to hype you up for this album. He's matured greatly with his lyrics but I won't go too deep into that. If you're a true OFWG fan, you know what I mean. Either way, Scum Fuck/Flower Boy should be a must listen even if you've never been a big fan of his.