The Hook Up with Alex Call



Our very own, Tommy Hook, talked to (emailed) White Sox prospect, Alex Call (2016 3rd Round pick), about this current season and his future. Alex is currently ranked as the 28th White Sox prospect by MLB Pipeline and 30th by FutureSox. Alex missed most of the season and recently began his rehab assignment with the AZL White Sox and is currently playing with the Kannapolis Intimidators. 

How has 2017 been going for you? We saw that you are currently on the DL. How is rehab going and when can you expect to come back?

It has been pretty rough, I have only been able to play in ten games and have had to watch for two and a half months. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel and will hopefully be out of Arizona soon.  

How would you describe the jump from Rookie ball to High A that you made last season?  

I would say that there is definitely a jump because the best players from each league go up a level. That being said, I don’t feel as though the jump has been that ‘high.’ I only was able to play in ten games but I felt as though I was able to compete and was putting myself in a place to succeed.

What were your feelings playing in the MAC knowing that you were going to get drafted? Did you feel like you would get the short end of the stick playing in a smaller conference?

I loved playing at Ball State, it was my only offer, but gave me pretty much everything I could have asked for. I was able to play as a freshman and be a part of a championship team, play in the Cape Cod summer league, and face some of the top players across the country that were also in the MAC.  

I think that guys from the MAC will always have a tougher time gaining respect and notoriety, and you really have to perform if you want to get noticed. There are a lot of good players that have come from that conference and I thought the competition was stout.

We played against each other for 2 years, one of those years was last year in (2016), what were your thoughts when you decided to absolutely CRUSH our catcher at NIU to complete the inside the park homerun? Also, have you laid someone out like that before?

Well, I don’t really think I crushed him haha. I believe that he did not have the ball yet and was on the inside part of the foul line/plate and I tried to dive head first around him but the ball that was thrown brought him into my dive path. I have never plowed the catcher because I don’t really want to get ejected or possibly injure myself. But it may have looked more vicious to the bystanders.

This may be a rhetorical question but, how often did I talk to you on the bases?

Well I usually try not to get too chatty on the bases, I don’t vividly remember any conversations, but I’m sure that we did some chatting.  

When can we expect you to be in the BIGS? There are a ton of White Sox fans that have embraced the rebuild and you are a part of that.

Well obviously I have no say in when that happens, the only thing that I can do is show up to work each day and work hard to get better. We have a lot of great coaches and managers in our organization that do a great job of developing our talent in the minor leagues. I would love to get an opportunity to put on a White Sox uniform, it would be a dream come true. I expect to make it there one day, but that is not up for me to decide.  

Who would you say that you model your game after? You're obviously that rare speedy, power guy who has a great arm but, what player do you look after the most?

I mean I try and model my swing after some big leaguers because I like their styles and how they get the most out of their body. So I like watching Donaldson, Cabrera, ect. I like to take things from different guys and mold them into my own thing. I feel as though you have to be your own player. I want to be a guy who can get on base, steal some bags, hit the ball in the gap and pop some out of the yard as well. Defensively I love to watch Pillar and how he is always putting his body on the line laying out and making insane catches.  

Who was the greatest player from NIU that you ever faced (super rhetorical)?

LOL Tommy Hook

Thanks for the interview, Alex! Good luck the rest of the year and we can't wait to see you on the South Side one day!